Tangled Up in Blue

Thoughts and images from hiking Connecticut’s
Blue Blazed Trails and other hiking adventures.

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If you identify as a hiker, nature lover, nemophilist, or just want to see some pretty pictures, then you will enjoy this site.
Each blog post shares information on parking, conditions, our thoughts, and images from the various trails.

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Tangled Up In Blue

Early one morning, the sun was shining, 
We were hiking a trail,
Wondering if we hiked them all, 
Would our boots hold or fail

Tangled Up in Blue was formed when a few friends, who loved hiking, decided they wanted to hike all of the CFPA Blue Blazed Hiking Trails together. This site journals and photo-documents their adventures on these trails and more. 

Many people join in for the adventures but only four adventurers are constant: Jes, Dana, Bryan and Mike. 


Give the girl a coffee and some water and Jes is ready for adventure. A nature lover, especially dead trees, views, and rocks, hiking is one of her favorite ways to see these things. The klutz of the group she is often pointing out “ankle-breakers” and slippery areas along the way. Jes is the journaler and the photographer of the group.


Dana is a burst of energy and weights her backpack to slow herself down. She is the prepper of the crew and keeps track of mileage and checks off the trails on a map. Also a lover of nature, she enjoys burning some of her endless energy on the trails. Always good for dad jokes, plant identification and belting out a good tune.


Bryan is the only person crazy enough to keep up with Jes and Dana on a regular basis. Bryan loves the beauty of the trails, waterfalls, and nature’s music. Bryan is a pretty constant force of calm and rationale and keeps Dana & Jes from hiking into oblivion.


Mike isn’t available to do all of the blue trails with the group, but he is in many of the other hikes. Mike is a nature and animal lover. He appreciates the peace of mind and clarity that comes from spending time in the woods. He enjoys “cursing” us with more hills.

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